Sing, Fly, Soar, like a Bird!  

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World Migratory Bird Day is Saturday, May 8th 2021, but the celebrations continue all week long here at the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary!

Each day from Monday, May 10 – Friday, May 14 we will be highlighting a different migratory bird species on our @SwanLakeNature Instagram and Facebook channels.

So follow us and learn about the incredible journeys of these feathered friends! Find a colouring sheet for each species below. We would love to see your art and hear about what you are learning.








Visit these partners who are also supporting Migratory Bird Activities:

District of Saanich – Natural Intelligence

Victoria Natural History Society

Rocky Point Bird Observatory

Greater Victoria NatureHood

Bateman Foundation

The Raptors


Erica and Wrinkles II The Western Painted Turtle

Two FREE Online Nature Programs!

Follow the rain into the Swan Lake watershed on Vancouver Island to learn about our personal choices that impact our water, the vital role of wetlands in a climate crisis, and the diverse plant and animal life that this ecosystem supports!

Join Program Naturalist, Erica Van Dyk, (and a wetland reptilian guest!) for a fun, interactive presentation all about watersheds and wetlands! Tune in as an individual, as a family, or with your whole classroom! This program is designed for ages 8-16, and anyone else excited to learn about water!


Register via the links for:

May 4th 2021 10:30-11:30am:

May 13th 2021 1pm-2pm:


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Turtle Talk with Erica: March 17th 2021 11:00am – 12:00pm

Join program naturalist, Erica Van Dyk, to learn all about turtles! With help from Wrinkles, a Western painted turtle, we'll learn all about these amazing aquatic reptiles, their habitat, and their important role in the wetlands!


Invertebrate Investigation with Kalene: March 24th 2021 11:00am-12:00pm

Join program naturalist, Kalene Lillico, to learn all about the fascinating world of invertebrates! These creatures lack a backbone but make up more than 95% of the animals on our planet! Kalene will lead you on a pond exploration to see the diversity of these small and mighty animals hiding in plain sight. A few unique eight legged special guests may make an appearance as well. Bring an open mind and your curiosity!