The Silly, the Sweet and the Smart - Nature Stories for Preschoolers

Sweet moments, silliness, smart facts and always a story. 

Recommended for children aged 3 - 6 years old.

Episode 3: Outstanding Owls

  • Seeds of knowledge: meet the three common species on Southern Vancouver Island, look closely at the wings, talons and skull, listen to calls
  • Simple ways you can help: Please do not use rat poison.
  • Science words: carnivore, nocturnal, food chain, poison, talons, owl pellet, crepuscular, raptors, camouflage, adaptation, ventriloquism, taxidermy

Huge thanks to those that provided owl footage:

Mark Daly at

Robert Pruner

Derek Hammond

And our generous sponsors….

Victoria Natural History Society, Telus and the District of Saanich

Episode 2: Our native frogs and toad

  • Seeds of knowledge: info about their skin, our native and invasive species and watch them eat.
  • Simple ways you can help: Please leave them alone! Never collect amphibians from the wild.
  • Science words: amphibian, endangered species, pollution, tadpole, metamorphosis, ecosystem, oxygen, population

For more information about the plight of our native amphibians and the importance of leaving them in their natural habitats, please see the following resources:

Episode 1: Rascally Raccoons 

  • Seeds of Knowledge: info about the fur, skull, hands and tail of the raccoon 
  • Simple ways you can help: put your lidded garbage out in the mornings not at night
  • Science words: omnivore, molars, pelt, mammals, nocturnal, kit

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