Swan Lake Coffee Shop

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the Coffee Shop is currently not operating.  We do have a selection of bottled sparkling water and juice boxes available.

Enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea while visiting the sanctuary.

We offer a variety of snacks and beverages to enjoy either before or after you walk around Swan Lake or hike up Christmas hill:

  • Coffee $1
  • Tea $1
  • Hot chocolate $1
  • Sparkling Water $1
  • Nuts & Trail Mix $3
  • Granola Bars $2
  • Gold Fish Crackers $2
  • Bear Paws $2
  • Fruit Snacks $1

During the hot summer months, you can also enjoy ice cream, freezes, and popsicles. Perfect to cool off after a warm stroll in the sun.


If you’re feeling adventurous try one of our Protein Cricket Bars. Did you know that crickets are the most sustainable protein on earth? They require 2000 times less water, 12 times less food, and create 100 times fewer emissions than cows do. We have peanut butter, trail mix, and chocolate chip flavors available. They're so tasty you’d never know they were made with cricket protein powder. Visit our gift shop to try one today!