Ecosystem Restoration

Tuesday Crew Volunteer L-R Gwen V, Michael R, Linda V, John M, Larry B, Betty T front Julia O square

Tuesday Crew or Saturday Crew: weekly ecosystem restoration from 9-11 am, followed by coffee/cookies!

Join this fun and friendly environmental restoration crew of volunteers to remove invasive species and act as nature stewards at the Nature Sanctuary.  The ecosystem restoration volunteers work as a team to remove invasive species, improve trail quality, and protect the ecosystems at Swan Lake and Christmas Hill.

Adopt a Patch: In this program, volunteer groups embrace and rehabilitate a designated plot of land at the Nature Sanctuary.  Contact for more info.

Group volunteering: Community, business and social groups can sign up to assist with ecosystem restoration.  Contact the community coordinator for more info.

Claremont Students - Ecosystem Restoration

Adopt at Patch Orientation Documents


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