Ecosystem Restoration

Tuesday Crew or Saturday Crew 

Weekly ecosystem restoration from 9-11 am, followed by tea, coffee and cookies! 

Join this fun and friendly environmental restoration crew of volunteers to remove invasive species and act as nature stewards at the Nature Sanctuary.  Restoration volunteers work as a team to remove invasive species, improve trail quality, and protect the ecosystems at Swan Lake and Christmas Hill. 

Adopt A Patch  

In this program, volunteer groups rehabilitate a designated plot of land at the Nature Sanctuary that they steward over time. This program is ideal for families, schools, organizations, or other community service groups as a team building, learning and restoration activity.  Contact for more info. 

Custom Group Restoration Projects 

Make tangible impact on the environment while fostering team spirit and social responsibility. Custom group restoration projects offer community and business organizations a unique chance to engage in meaningful single day restoration projects.  

This individualized program is a pay for fee service. See the decision tree below to find out what works best for you! Contact for more info. 

Ecosystem Restoration Events 

Are you interested in supporting local ecosystems? Come to the Nature Sanctuary and help restore endangered oak and sensitive wetland habitat by removing invasive species alongside staff and other dedicated folx! 

Wednesday September 27th 4-6pm Registration URL (free event)

Wednesday October 18th 4-6pm  Registration URL (free event)

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