From time to time, the Sanctuary is contacted to house native and non-native animals that have been surrendered. We are able to do this with a valid Wildlife Permit issued to us by the Government of BC. We ensure all our Sanctuary animals receive the best in care and attention from staff and volunteers. While there is much to benefit from these animals, we do not condone taking wild animals from their natural habitat to have as pets. Due to the possibility of disease transmission to wild species, these animals cannot be released.


Western Painted Turtles are listed as an endangered species. The Nature Sanctuary grounds preserve one of the final remaining populations of Western Painted Turtles on site. The shores of Swan Lake represent some of the last suitable nesting habitats as the grounds are free from dogs, cars and other pressures of human populations.

Wrinkles came to Swan Lake under unfortunate circumstances. She was taken illegally from the wild, cared for improperly as a pet and ended up with a chronic fungal infection. After being bounced around to a few facilities, Wrinkles found a permanent home and capable care at the Nature House.  Sadly, she cannot be released into Swan Lake for fear she may not survive or may spread her fungal infection to other endangered turtles.