Nature Birthday Parties at Swan Lake 

In-person parties are currently on hold, but if you are interested in a virtual party, please contact: bookings [@]


Calling All Party Animals!

Photo: Jason McLean

We will provide an educational guide who will deliver your themed program as well as an outdoor exploration and feeding of the ducks of Swan Lake.  We will also provide cutlery and dishes should you require it. You provide the kids, food, cake and party favors!  A two week notice and minimum payment are required for booking your party.

Your guide will be available for a 1 hour program after which you will have access to either classroom or library space for cake/goodies/presents for an additional 30 minutes. We strongly recommend you invite guests to arrive 15 minutes before your booking to ensure the program starts on time.

Swan Lake Adventures
Snakes, toads and turtles, oh my!
This party is a great opportunity to have a close encounter with some of Swan Lake’s most beloved creatures, including Wrinkles the Turtle, Tangerine the Toad, and/or our garter snakes. This hands-on, active party will include a walk down to the lake and a chance to feed our very happy ducks.
This is a great party for all ages, 4 and up.

Super Snakes
They’re slithery, they’re scaly…they’re snakes!
If you have a child who is passionate about these wonderful reptiles, this the party for you. Your naturalist will introduce your guests through some of the incredible adaptations that make snakes unique, then introduce you to some of our native and exotic snake species.  You’ll even get outside to learn where snakes can be found right here in Victoria!
This party is better suited for groups 7 and over, and for those without snake phobias.

Outstanding Owls
Whoo whoo whoo loves to party? Owls do!
With their ability to hunt at night, their incredible senses, and unique calls, owls are a very mysterious group of birds. Most people think of seeing an owl as a very special nature experience. But how can you find them?
Let your naturalist walk you through some of the fascinating aspects of owls, and learn how to look for owl clues on your next night adventure!
This is a great party for all ages, 4 and up.

Daring Ducks
This is the perfect program to introduce younger children to the wonders of waterfowl.
This party will explore the adaptations ducks have for living on the lake, and discover the who’s who in the duck world.  Fun, hands on experiments are included which are designed to explain how ducks eat, fly, and stay dry. A short walk to the lake will also provide an opportunity to see and feed the ducks.

This party is suited best for children 4 to 6 years of age.

Other customized themes may be available upon request.

Available times:

Currently (September 2020), the Nature House is closed on weekends. However, please call one of our Naturalists at 250-479-0211 to talk about the possibility of accommodating your party during the week.


Member rate: $135 for up to 10 children; $5 for each additional child participating in the program to a maximum of 15 total
Non-member rate: $150 for up to 10 children, $10 for each additional child participating in the program to a maximum of 15 total (additional charges payable by the end of the party)

Need extra time? Subject to availability, the room rental is available at a cost of $50 per hour.

Is your party greater than 15 kids?  You may want to come to Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary and do a self-guided program during regular hours of operation.  Information sheets are available at the office and grain bags are available at a cost of $2 per bag. Donations are also greatly appreciated.

Cancellation policy:  A full refund is available up to 2 weeks before your party, less than 2 weeks; a $25 administrative charge will be subtracted.

For more information or to check availability, call 250-479-0211

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