Senior Programs

These programs are currently paused. Check back often for updates.


Mind your Mammals ***NEW***

Cost of Program: 1 hour – $105 offsite / $80 Swan Lake

Marvel in the abundance and variety of our favourite animals: the mammals.  You may be a mammal, but how much do you really know about them?  Learn the major families by exploring props such as skulls and pelts and solve a fun mammal mystery.

Awaken your Senses

Cost of Program: 1 hour – $105 offsite / $80 Swan Lake

Your senses will come alive when you listen to birds singing, smell a bee-hive, touch a snake, see a turtle and sip some Grand Fir and honey tea.

Super Snake BINGO!

Cost of Program: 1 hour – $105 offsite / $80 Swan Lake

Join us for a fun and educational game with touchable snake skin, shed, bones, as well as live snakes for you to see and hold (if you want to).

History, Tea and Tour

Cost of Program: 1 hour – $80 Swan Lake

*This program is only offered at Swan Lake*

Discover the human and natural history of Swan lake with artifacts from days gone by as well as pelts, nests, skulls and a lovely walk to the wharf.

Herons, Hawks and Hummers

Cost of Program: 1 hour – $105 offsite / $80 Swan Lake

Take flight with us as we explore various types of birds and how their habitat, characteristics and behaviours differ from one another.  Bird BINGO is included in our off-site program or substitute it for an outdoor nature experience (weather dependent) when at Swan Lake.