Meadows are amazing, filled with flowers and insects, and on this day, people like you who want to learn more about these places and share their discoveries with others. Artist Joanne Thomson has been a meadow lover for years, drawing and painting the flora and fauna of our Garry Oak ecosystems. On this day Joanne will offer a short exploration near the Nature House, demonstrate drawing and offer tips for creating your own creation. Bring art supplies you most want to use, and a stool if you have one. (If art supplies are a barrier, the Nature Sanctuary has some you can use during the session).

Suggested donation to the Nature Sanctuary $10.00.

May 11, 1 - 3 pm
Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary

Joanne Thomson is a full-time visual artist who lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Working primarily in watercolour, Joanne pushes the limits of the medium to create large works on canvas. Her quiet and contemplative approach to art making is evident in her landscapes, illustrations and in the Bottled series. She describes her works as ‘strong images created gently’. Thomson holds a Masters degree in Adult Education (MAdEd) and loves to teach, encouraging her students to explore the creative process through research and experimentation with art making.