Person backlit by sun on Founders' Wharf at Swan Lake.


Foster community appreciation and respect for natural systems and the knowledge and skills to act responsibly to benefit the environment and future life.


Conserve and restore Nature Sanctuary lands and waters while inspiring stewardship through community engagement and collaboration.

Hand holding germinating Garry Oak acornsValues

Land Stewardship – Our integrated approach to conserving and restoring Nature Sanctuary ecosystems is grounded in practices that are ecologically sound and based in science, research, consultation, and traditional ways of knowing.

Community Engagement - We build relationships with a diverse community of learners, nature lovers, neighbours, partners, advocates and local organizations who are vital to sustaining and elevating our ecosystem restoration efforts. The Sanctuary’s welcoming urban greenspace fosters connection with nature and with each other.

Inspiring Action - We encourage curiosity, independent exploration and discovery of the natural world. Through inquiry-based learning, we inspire others to value the critical role that natural systems play in sustaining our quality of life and to be responsible advocates for nature conservation.

Care and Respect - In our stewardship of the land, we cultivate a strong ethic of care and respect for people and nature, and for the relationship between them. Nature uplifts and renews us and in turn supports community health and well-being.

Organizational Sustainability - To increase and sustain our success, we thoughtfully manage our financial and human resources, data, and on-site facilities and infrastructure. We are ethical, accountable and transparent in our work.


Spring camas bloom on Christmas Hill

Our commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary Society is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as a community-focused organization. We centre human dignity and growing our connections to each other and to our environment. We believe that each of us is responsible for addressing discrimination and that we co-create peace and good relationships.