Management Plan

A management plan is a carefully-written instruction manual based on best practices. Typically it takes many years to write because during that time, experts make contributions to it, reviews and discussions take place, and sites with similar projects are visited. We are proud of the hard work that has gone into each of these.

Swan Lake Ecosystem Management Plan

This management plan, published in 2010 by Lise Townsend, lists six goals:

  1. Manage ecosystems at the site scale to preserve and restore natural processes and function, and to enable resilience to disturbance (including climate change).
  2. Work with municipal managers, developers and major landowners in the watershed to implement watershed policies and practices to improve hydrology and water quality.
  3. Engage local public, politicians and businesses in protection, stewardship and restoration of Swan Lake and associated ecosystems.
  4. Provide opportunities and resources for learning and education.
  5. Support and engage in research, and effectively manage / archive data, that contributes to better understanding of Swan Lake and the surrounding watershed, and connections with local and regional health and sustainability.
  6. Provide opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy a healthy and safe environment in a manner that supports other management goals.

Swan Lake Ecosystem Management Plan (10.7 MB pdf)

Christmas Hill Management Plan

This management plan, published in 2011 by Brenda Beckwith, lists five goals:

  1. Conserve and enhance the natural features of Christmas Hill.
  2. Protect and manage Christmas Hill as an open and accessible nature sanctuary.
  3. Provide a place for learning to foster appreciation and stewardship of Garry oak ecosystems.
  4. Maintain the human resources and consultative relationships necessary to ensure continued management of Christmas Hill.
  5. Maintain an active and integrative program of research, restoration, monitoring and data management for Christmas Hill.

Christmas Hill Management Plan (18.8 MB pdf)
Christmas Hill Key Biodiversity Area Application - Pending Status

Western Painted Turtle Management Plan

This management plan, published in 2010 by Christian Engelstoft and Kristiina Ovaska, lists 3 tasks:

  1. Prepare the site.
  2. Construct nesting areas.
  3. Enhance the access for the turtles.

Western Painted Turtle Management Plan (516 KB pdf)