Junior Stewardship - Garry Oak Restoration

Montage of three photos includes (left) young person examining a leaf with a magnifying glass, (middle) a Garry Oak meadow with camas in bloom, and (right) a cluster of Garry Oak acorns.

Participant Group Size: 10 Maximum (masks and distancing required)

Ages: 12 - 14

Cost: $72 members / $80 non-members

Dates: Friday, Oct 22

Stewardship is about creating a sense of connection, care, and responsibility for each other and the natural world that supports us.

In these outdoor, hands-on sessions, young stewards will be introduced to the Garry Oak ecosystem, and then learn and practice restoration skills.

Please dress ready to spend the day outside.

Bring lunch, snacks provided.


We're very excited to have John-Bradley Williams, ethnobotanist from the Tsawout Nation, speaking to the Junior Stewards on Friday, October 22!

Person with colourful sweater and hat crouches in a camas meadow.

To sign up, visit our EventBrite page (Use code: 'Member' and enter your Member number),


Or call: 250-479-0211

We are grateful for SEED project funding support from @habitatconservationtrust for this work.

We are grateful for SEED project funding support from Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation for this work.