Experiments with Erica

Let your curiosity get the better of you in Experiments with Erica! These fun, interesting, and engaging nature programs encourage children to learn more about the natural world and their place within it. Each episode will include a hands-on experiment that you can try out at home! Join Erica below to discover the fantastic plants and animals at Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary!

Ep 3: Chemistry Experiments


Join Erica as she channels her inner Ms. Frizzle and explores the world of chemistry! Learn about tiny particles that make up everything around us and colourful experiments that you can try out at home!

Ep 2: Wondrous Watersheds


Have you ever wanted to travel to ocean depths, mountain peaks, or even the far reaches of our atmosphere? Let water be your tour guide in its amazing cycle around the planet! In this episode, we will explore water’s endless journey starting with the fallen rain in your backyard!

Ep 1: Owl Pellet Program


This week, come along and explore the amazing world of owls and what they leave behind! It’s not scat, vomit or even a hairball – it’s a pellet!