Did You Ever Wonder... with Kalene

Welcome to “Did you ever Wonder…?" with Nature Sanctuary Educator Kalene. Watch below for in-depth explorations into new and fascinating topics that will have you flexing your curiosity muscles and overflowing with information!

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Ep 3: How do Frogs Breathe?

Come and explore the fantastic world of frogs with your Swan Lake Naturalist Kalene. You will learn about amphibians, adaptations of frogs and you will even discover that special place where magic and science meet: metamorphosis!

Resources to further your learning:


Special thank you to Gerald Graham for sharing his video:


Ep 2: How do Birds get their Color?

Ep 1: How a Bee Stings

Did you ever wonder who the bees are exactly, and who they are related to? Did you ever see a bee on a flower and ask yourself; what exactly makes a bee a bee? Or maybe have you pondered why bees sting, and if they can all sting?

In this educational nature video we explore all of these questions and more as we seek to discover how bees sting.

Below the video you will find an activity sheet to help explore the topic more. Once you’ve finished I would love to see your creations!

Resources to further your learning:

Habitat Acquisition Trust: Great resources on our native pollinators, as well as how to help our bee friends: http://hat.bc.ca/focal-species-publications/pollinator-publications

Pollinator Partnership: https://www.pollinatorpartnership.ca/

Royal British Columbia Museum: Explore more about bees (and other incredible topics) with the online learning portal https://learning.royalbcmuseum.bc.ca/?post_type=&s=bees

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