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Snapping a photo of the native plants in the Nature House garden
Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary iNaturalist Project 2022-04-10
Snapping a photo of a tree by the Teaching Shelter

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City Nature Challenge 2022: Greater Victoria

City Nature Challenge 2022: Greater Victoria

Join nature lovers across the capital region as we document the amazing biodiversity that surrounds us during the City Nature Challenge.

April 29 – May 2: Take photos of plants and wildlife in your backyard, local park and natural areas within the capital region, and upload them to iNaturalist.

May 3 – May 8: Join the community on by identifying your photos and those of other participants. Join the project and check back as we record all the biodiversity we find.

Help us inventory the local landscape and track biodiversity. The City Nature Challenge is a way for citizens to help collect data on the wild species living in and around our cities, which helps local governments and scientists to better protect local biodiversity. You can make a difference by taking photos of the plants and wildlife in your backyard, local park and city, and reporting them using iNaturalist.

Our backyards and local parks in the capital region have an amazing diversity of native, wild organisms, as well as many invasive, weedy species. We want to record and report them all! Captive or cultivated organisms such as planted trees, garden beds or pets should be marked using the captive/cultivated option, but we encourage participants to focus primarily on wild plants and animals.

Be sure to take close up, focused images of the species you are observing. Read this photo guide for great tips on how to take clear, identifiable photos for different types of organisms.
Community science is for everyone! Whether you are an avid naturalist or sidewalk stroller, you can participate in community science and collect data on the biodiversity in your city.

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Check out the links below. Read or watch how to use the iNaturalist mobile app. Once you are familiar with the app you can read how to upload and identify on the iNaturalist webpage.

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iNaturalist App PDF:

iNaturalist Web Uploading :

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Check out the City Nature Challenge website more details:

Learn more about biodiversity in the Capital Regional District here.

Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary iNaturalist resources:

Visit our project in iNaturalist and see who is home at the Nature Sanctuary today!

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