Meet the Board

The Society is served by a dedicated Board of Directors, elected by and from the general membership at the Annual General Meeting held annually. All are volunteers.

Do you have the following: legal expertise, financial acumen, biology background, fundraising experience, instructional design, or an understanding of Not-for-Profits?

The Society is always seeking enthusiastic new board members with experience in one or more of these areas.


Board Chair – Fallon Lindsay

Fallon Lindsay

Board Chair

My background is in financial direction and Human Resources management. My interest in supporting the Nature Sanctuary lies in conserving these lands for many future generations so that people living in our urban environment have a chance to learn about the natural world. I have served on the Board for 4 years as Treasurer and now as Board Chair.

Vice Chair - Sharon Daly

Sharon Daly

Vice Chair, Community Relations Committee Chair

I have many years of work experience and training in the environmental and health/wellness fields. I am a new board member with a strong interest in reshaping our understanding of the human-nature relationship and working collaboratively with others to ensure our urban-based ecosystems are healthy and life sustaining now and in the future.

Treasurer - Hugh Carruthers

Hugh Carruthers


I am a retired accountant from the Yukon and who lives near Swan Lake and visits the area frequently. Therefore I have an invested interest in the welfare of the Nature Sanctuary. My experience includes working in finance for a bank, hospital, government, First Nations and a women's transaction home and I have been on several volunteer boards.

Secretary - Christine Morissette

Christine Morissette

Secretary, Governance Committee Chair

My background is in natural area conservation and parks management. I'm interested not just in how natural areas are managed today, but in how we can use sustainable approaches to ensure a healthy future for an ecosystem in an urban setting. I have served on the Board as a member at large for four years.

Director - Kalina Noel

Kalina Noel

Director, Ecosystems & Facilities Committee Chair

I am a practicing professional biologist in the field of terrestrial ecology. I am a new board and executive committee member. I am interested in supporting ongoing and future exploration of the urban ecological function of Swan Lake to ensure that it is enjoyed by others for as long as possible.

Director - Lynn Young

Lynn Young


I recently retired from a career as Early Childhood Educator and Executive Director of a not-for-profit centre.   I am passionate about connecting children, families and all members of society with nature.  I joined the Board in October 2020 and look forward to contributing to an organization that supports education and stewardship of these lands for future generations.

Rick Marshall - Director

Rick Marshall


As a new Director, I’m pleased to volunteer my time, energy and ideas to support the Nature Sanctuary’s mission to foster community understanding and appreciation of nature and provide an urban sanctuary bringing people and nature together. I’ve served on several non-profit Boards besides a career in public service. I’m interested in natural areas conservation in our community and have got my hands and knees very dirty in that pursuit.

Director – Claudia Copley (VNHS)

Claudia Copley


My background is in biology with a particular focus on terrestrial invertebrates (land animals without backbones). My interest in supporting the Nature Sanctuary lies in ensuring that nature has a place of refuge, even in heavily urbanized areas. The Sanctuary supports incredible biological diversity, including rare and endangered species. I have served on the Board since 2013.

Robert Dick

Robert Dick


I have 40 years of IT systems experience encompassing a broad range of technologies. Starting with proprietary microcomputer systems in the 70's then progressing through minicomputers and the explosion of Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows; I have built a wealth of knowledge and a unique skillset applicable to both small and large organizations. I currently put my knowledge and skills into practice as the Technology Manager for Lekker Food Distributors Ltd. and as a volunteer providing technical consulting and support to The Salvation Army Stan Hagen Centre for Families in Victoria, The Salvation Army Connection Point Church and Resource Centre in Langford, the Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary in Victoria and the Lake Cowichan Senior’s Centre in Lake Cowichan. As well, I sit on the Community Council of the Stan Hagen Centre and am a past Director and member of the Board's Executive Committee at Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary.

Carrie Anderson

Carrie Anderson


I serve as the University Secretary at the University of Victoria. As a member of UVic’s executive team, I have the responsibility for the university’s governance processes; and oversight of the equity and human rights portfolio and the records management program. I am a graduate of UVic’s Faculty of Law, and my undergraduate studies were focused on child and youth care. I am a strong advocate for disability awareness and inclusion and have focused many of my past volunteer efforts in this area. I have a personal interest in wildlife conservation and have travelled twice to Africa to pursue educational opportunities. Closer to home, I enjoy learning about local wildlife with my daughter who, at age six, is a devoted conservationist and aspiring wildlife vet.

Jordan Sandwith

Jordan Sandwith


I'm joining the board to help out and learn about land management and restoration. I intend to bring a positive attitude to help the group advance its goals. I have a background in project management and have previously worked with a few local non-profit societies. I'm concerned about the impacts of increasing population and development has on the land, water, wildlife and their habitats. I think the nature sanctuary is an important place because it provides an opportunity to explore ways to minimize and reverse impacts. My hope is that visitors to the sanctuary can learn about how they can make a difference.