heading-wave About Us

Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is an accessible green space in an urban landscape and includes two distinct ecosystems, a wetland around Swan Lake and a rocky, Garry oak-forest on top of Christmas Hill. Both habitats are home to an incredible array of rare and threatened native plants and wild animals.

The Sanctuary is a living classroom fostering a greater understanding of nature through direct experience. Educational programs are available for all ages that encourage stewardship of the natural environment.

To protect our native plants and wildlife (particularly ground nesting birds), please remember that dogs are not permitted in the Sanctuary.

Managed by a non-profit society, this urban refuge provides an exceptional opportunity to bring people and nature together.

We welcome you to explore and discover!

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heading-wave Our values

Collaboration to accomplish together what cannot

be done alone

Commitment to fostering

community understanding

of our work

Excellence in conservation, education and innovation

Respect for the land we steward,

the ecosystems within it,

and the people who care for it