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Our Gift Shop

Our Gift Shop is small but it is full of treasures. We like to support local and as such more often than not the stock is locally made, limited production, eco-friendly, and high quality. They are chosen for their attractiveness and are priced to sell. Most items have a nature or seasonal theme. Shopping here is a wonderful way to find unique gifts and to support the work being done here. You may pay by credit card, debit, cash or cheque.

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Fabric Items -- Easy to Mail, Easy to Give

We carry fabric items, many of which are made by local seniors who have been creating fibre art for decades. The Silver Swans make many trendy items including: quilts, table runners, napkins, aprons, shopping bags, tea cozies, tooth Fairy Pillows, placemats, animal pot-holders, and whatever else the ladies decide to create. They choose bright, modern fabrics.


Knit Items -- For Babies, Children and Pets

Our knitters work with man-made and natural yarns. Their specialties are funky animal hats for children, really soft baby blankets, elegant mittens, and buffalo-wool hamster houses.


Greeting Cards -- Several Styles all Priced Right
Photographer Stuart Clarke has created a series of blank cards with images of wildlife found here in the Sanctuary. Artist and Volunteer Denise Sturmwind's blank cards showcase the beauty of landscapes. Jennifer Hobson’s Doodle Bug designs are unique and whimsical. Paper artist Leslie Patrick creates iris paper-fold blank cards with insect, bird, animal and wildflower motifs.



We carry a wide range of great books for both adults and children about hiking, birding, native plants, and general nature.


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