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Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary
3873 Swan Lake Victoria, B.C. Canada, V8X 3W1
Phone: (250) 479-0211   Fax: (250) 479-0132
E-mail: In order to reduce the amount of spam e-mail we are receiving, we have removed our contact e-mails from this page. If you wish to send us an e-mail, please use the following address: info@swanlake.bc.ca

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Renée Cenerini
Program Manager
Renée graduated from the University of Victoria in 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Environmental Studies. She has been with the Nature Sanctuary, both as a volunteer and staff, since 1999. Renée entered the Program Naturalist position in September, 2008. Her responsibilities include development and delivery of public and school programs, as well as taking over the beloved pre-school program “Birds and Butterflies”. As her name suggests, Renée is our resident Francophone, and she is able to add a language dimension to some of our children's programs. Renée works Monday to Thursday.


Coral Forbes
Program Naturalist

In May, 2010, Coral joined the Naturalist team after volunteering with Swan Lake for over 10 years.  Coral graduated in 2003 with a B.Sc. in Biology specializing in Botany and Ecology. Coral has worked at the University of Victoria, Provincial Museum and for the Federal Government, but has the most fun working with children and fostering a love and respect for Nature.  Coral will be in and around the Nature House from Monday to Thursday.



Francie Morgan
Program Naturalist

In 2013, Francie graduated from the University of Victoria with an Environmental Studies and Gender Studies Bachelors Degrees. The East coaster was hired onto the Swan Lake team at the beginning of 2014 and has loved it ever since. With a background in theater and science you can find Francie facilitating travelling and on site school programs, running `Biology Buddies`and `Homeschool Science`classes, hosting birthday parties or just making the center more accessible for weekend visitors. She loves to chat so come on in Wednesday to Saturday to share with her your latest natural encounters!


Jay Rastogi

Site Manager

Jay Rastogi studied Natural Resources Management and Environmental Studies at the University of Guelph and also worked at the University Arboretum. After graduation, Jay mentored in sustainable forestry practices with renowned ecoforester, Merv Wilkinson. Over the past 15 years, Jay has shared the teachings and principles with thousands of students and adults during tours and workshops.


His family background includes farming and forestry in Ontario, and wandering the foothills of the Himalayans, where he lived until he was 12 years old.


His interests include nature observation, studying landscape ecology and promoting sustainable land stewardship and self-sufficiency. He is especially fond of growing food and foraging for wild plants and mushrooms.


Erin Lawless

Program Naturalist

Erin joined the Natualist team in September 2014. She graduated from the University of Victoria with a B.Sc. double major in Geography and Environmental Studies. Erin has always been a nature-nut, and is passionate about conservation. In addition to environmental education, Erin has also held a number of environmentally focused positions with all levels of Government. Erin is having a blast facilitating school programs, seniors' programs, and birthday parties. She loves most that she is constantly learning from nature and children. You can find Erin at the Nature House from Sunday to Tuesday.



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