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Bridging People to Nature

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New Opportunity:

The Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary has partnered with Van Isle Paints to provide contributions towards the Bridging People to Nature campaign. Click Here for details.




A World to Discover
Alice scooped up a handful of flatted oats from the naturalist’s bag, walked over to the edge of the floating boardwalk and dropped her offering to waiting ducks. She squealed with delight. Today, her classroom is the boardwalk at Swan Lake. She is learning about water sampling, dipping for various life forms in the shallow waters and spotting beavers, otters and muskrats. But mostly, Alice is learning appreciation of nature and discovering the complexities of the natural environment.


A Place to Explore
Alice is one of 65,000 visitors and 10,000 school children who visit Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary every year. The sensitive wetland ecosystem surrounding Swan Lake is accessible because of the wharves and floating boardwalk that extends out into Swan Lake, linking one edge of the lake to the other.



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Outdoor Classrooms
The 1,040 feet of floating boardwalk and wharves are outdoor classrooms and a naturalist’s tool to bridge people to nature. Made of wood in 1991, they have been weathered by forces of nature and are aging beyond repair. They have reached the end of their lives. These structures that bridge people to nature will be replaced with aluminum - safe, aesthetic, and guaranteed longevity. The North Wharf was replaced in June, 2010 after a successful community campaign. It is essential the remainder of the boardwalk be replaced as soon as possible. In 2011 the estimated replacement cost was $450,000 but that number is rising with every passing year.


Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary is a charitable non-profit organization that relies on your generous donations to maintain an oasis that fosters understanding and appreciation of nature through direct experience.


Donate today by phone, mail, visit, or online through Canada Helps. Or download and print the Bridges to Nature Reply Form (pdf), and follow the mailing instructions.



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